Any military entity that operates air combat units requires mission and weapon planning tool that is used prior to the execution of the military exercise or mission. The focus of the air combat units is to be able to draw flying routes, visualize friendly and enemy entities on the digital map, select target(s) and decide number of aircraft and types of the weapons that will be used against the select target(s) to accomplish the planned level of damage and success of the mission.

In order to fulfill the aforementioned requirements, AL HAKEEM developed Tactical Decision Aid System (TDAS) based on her military subject matter expertise and software development capability. TDAS is an application software that conducts route planning, weapon planning and effectiveness analysis. The aim of TDAS is to equip the fighter squadrons with the weapon engineering capabilities. Weapon engineering is the ability to plan air-to-ground (A2G) attacks based on the following:

 Number and types of the targets
 Expected level of damage
 Type and number of weapons
 Drop / Fire kinematics parameters of weapons

TDAS is composed of the following modules.
 Route Planning
 Weapon Planning
 Penetration and Cratering
 Simulation and Visualization Module
 Target Management

AL HAKEEM delivers TDAS with a comprehensive database of aircraft types, guided and unguided weapons, ballistic parameters, target types and material and 3D models.