AL HAKEEM Distant Learning Platform is comprised of Web Based Training (WBT) and
Virtual Reality (VR) applications. The platform can be adapted to any kind of training
program from kindergartens, primary schools, elementary and higher schools to universities
and different educational institutes.

The educational material, which is called courseware, is an integral part of Distant Learning
Platform. The courseware content is the digital recreation of the textbooks, exercises,
examples, and illustrations used in the classical education process. The courseware consists
of 2D and 3D models incorporated into animated videos, narration, electronic books, and
interactive exercises. AL HAKEEM has the required technical infrastructure with modeling,
simulation and design tools and manpower, which involves graphical designers, training
technology experts and software engineers, to create any courseware. 

Distant Learning Platform provides the following benefits:

  • Less number of instructor & technical & admin staff
  • Interactive course content & exercises
  • VR based practical sessions
  • Less space requirements for labs, classes and so education
  • Less equipment usage & maintenance cost
  • Reduced OPEX & CAPEX