The limitations of conventional pilot training are a major safety problem today, resulting in aviation accidents. Conventional training curricula frequently fail to replicate real life flight conditions to prepare pilots for the authentic stresses of flight, challenging human limits in extreme environments. Special training devices and curriculum are needed to prepare pilots to withstand the physiological stresses of flight, including visual and vestibular illusions, elevated G-forces and other human
factor issues such as hypoxia, rapid decompression, spatial disorientation and situational awareness, and water survival. Recently aeromedical trainings are regulated by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other national
aviation authorities and becoming compulsory for the pilot training. 

Al Hakeem can build, run and manage the Aeromedical Physiology Training Centers, Assist Armed Forces in conducting training programs delineated in Deliverables, Coordinate the annual Aeromedical Training scheduling as per Armed Forces requirements, Prepare/Update and deliver Tactical Aviation and Physiological Training Courseware, syllabi and Course Training Plans (CTPs) to align with ARMED FORCES requirements.

The Aeromedical and Space Physiology equipment we provide are:

  • Aviation Health and Wellness
  • High G Tolerance Equipment
  • Ejection Seat Equipment and Simulator
  • Situational Awareness – Upset / Unusual Attitude Recovery Equipment
  • GYROLAB™ Gl-1500 Advanced Spatial Disorientation Trainer
  • Night Vision Training System & Night Vision Goggle Training System (NVTS/NVGTS)
  • Altitude Chamber
  • Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber