Al Hakeem will provide an Advance Disaster Management Simulation (ADMS) to AHAES facility. With ADMS; AHAES will be able to offer challenging, true-to-life virtual environments for training incident command and disaster management teams at all levels for military and civilian users. Trainees gain the confidence, practical experience and decision-making skills needed to successfully resolve real-life incidents.

The result is a higher level of preparedness, a more effective response, a safer environment for responders, a greater probability of mitigating damage to property, and ultimately a better chance of saving lives.

The array of Simulation products can include:

Airport Vehicle Operations Command and Control Defense Fire Fighting
  • ARFF Truck Operations
  • Airport Driver Training
  • Incident Command
  • Police Operations
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Airbase Emergency Management
  • Airfiled Damage Repair
  • Fire Hose Trainer
  • Fire Extinguisher Trainer