Al Hakeem is a company whose business areas are aviation and aerospace. The major achievements and projects conducted by Al Hakeem are as follows:

• Tactical Data Link Management, Support, Consultancy & Maintenance,
• Integrated Logistics Support (maintenance, spare parts, management etc.) systems for different aircraft and helicopter platforms,
• Establishment of Maintenance Operation Centers (MOC),
• Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Systems Program Management & Support,
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Support & Consultancy,
• Aircraft, Truck, Container and Vehicle Scanners for Borders, Ports & Critical Infrastructure,
• Air Force Aeromedical Center Technical Support & Maintenance Services,
• Pilot Selection System Support & Maintenance,
• Aerospace City Consultancy & Support,
• Flight School Consultancy for numerous countries,
• Software Support (simulators etc.) for many international aviation companies.
• Representative of a number of major international companies.

Besides aviation and aerospace activities, we have a strong background in software and system engineering, especially in command and control systems and simulator development and maintenance. For this reason, Al Hakeem keeps unique product lines of such systems, one of which is the software source code and development environment of MPGC (Maritime Patrol Ground Center) system.